Scientist declares that life on Mars could still exist today

Today we know a lot about Mars thanks to the various landers, rovers and orbiters that analyze the surface and atmosphere and now also the subsoil of the red planet. However, our level of knowledge of this planet is not yet sufficient to be able to say whether there is life now or there was in the past.

In a certain sense, it can be said that we have barely scratched the outer surface of the secrets of this planet considering, for example, that we still haven’t even managed to dig a hole worthy of the name to understand what exactly is under the ground and this without counting the various expanses and regions of the planet that have only been observed from distant orbiters that gravitate around the planet.

Because of these deficiencies of ours, there is still a real possibility that life somehow existed on the red planet and can still exist now. Of this opinion is Michael Finney, co-founder of The Genome Partnership, who made some statements at a conference at the University of Berkeley. That significant amounts of water may have existed at one point in the Martian past is a probability strongly considered by scientists, a possibility considered almost as certain.

However, all this water, for reasons still unclear (the hypotheses are different, see also the tag Water on Mars), has disappeared. It is thought that also life may have disappeared with it. However, according to Finney himself, traces of life, probably microorganisms, may have remained on the surface or underneath it.

According to the scientist, as far as we know, no event occurred on the red planet so large that it could certainly have swept all life on the planet.

Perhaps life itself has hidden itself but is still present. For example, many scientists believe that several traces of ice are still present in the polar areas and that at certain times of the year liquid water should not be difficult to find on the red planet.

For this reason, in certain hostile environments, Martian microorganisms could still exist today, just as there are microorganisms living in very difficult environments here on Earth.

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