Plastic in the seas seriously damages not only fish but also bacteria

It is not only fish that suffer from the pollution of Microplastics in the ocean. According to a study published in Communications Biology, bacteria are also susceptible to this type of pollution.

Researchers have found that exposure to chemicals from plastic ocean pollution interferes with growth, particularly photosynthesis and oxygen production, of Prochlorococcus, the most abundant synthetic bacteria in the sea and one of those responsible for the oxygen we breathe.

The billions of dollars of damage caused by the pollution of plastics in the oceans are countless, but until now the effects that this pollution is having on microorganisms such as bacteria have never been properly treated.

Dr. Lisa Moore, one of the authors of this study who was the first to examine the effects of these substances on oceanic microbes, studied in particular to the pollution of plastics from PVC objects and high-density polyethylene bags.

The chemicals present inside these plastics can compromise the growth of the function of these microbes, including the amount of oxygen they can produce, which can have significant impacts on the marine ecosystem.

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